Sniper rifle SSG10 A2 2.8 J M160 Novritsch

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Sniper rifle SSG10 A2 2.8 J M160 Novritsch

Sniper rifle SSG10 A2 2.8 J M160 Novritsch is an airsoft sniper model suitable for most demanding airsoft players. SSG10 fulfills the requirements of airsoft enthusiasts. 
The SSG10 series comes in three versions with the same internal and high-performance components, but with a different, easily customizable design.
Depending on preferences, the user can choose between version A1, A2 and A3.
SSG10 A2 airsoft sniper is the tactical, adjustable version. The A2 model comes with a long barrel.

The internal components of the SSG10 series is compatible with VSR-10 system, which allows the user to bring improvements to the product. 
Novritsch internals are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 25 years under certain conditions, specified here.

The trigger system has a simple but durable mechanism, which offers a quick response and an easy press.
The cylinder, piston, spring guide were designed to withstand M220 springs. 
The trigger system is almost entirely made of steel and aluminum alloy at CNC machines.
Only two components are mobile, which simplifies the mechanical process, but at the same time increases its durability.
Unlike other systems, the trigger has a straight, accessible design.
The receiver, made of aluminum, is provided with a unique series. 
The cylinder is made of steel, it is stable and has a smooth slide inside the receiver.
The cylinder head is made of steel. 
The piston is made of aluminum and is centered by two rings. The steel base offers durability over time. The sealing head fits the cylinder diameter perfectly and has proven to be suitable regardless of the weather. 
The spring guide is made of a single piece of steel, it is suitable for springs with a diameter of 13 mm.
The stability of the internal barrel is ensured by an o-ring spacer and the end of the external barrel.
The external barrel has a thread of approx. 27 mm, it allows mounting of a specific adapter and then a silencer.
The hop-up chamber can be set in 20 positions, to ensure the perfect trajectory of the bb depending on the weight.
The adjustment of the hop-up is easily done from the lever placed on the left side.
The hop-up bucking is Maple Leaf 60° Autobot, provided with 2 rings. 
The internal barrel has a diameter of 6.01 mm, the cuts on it are suitable for the hop up bucking.
The bolt handle differs depending on the version chosen and it has a low profile design. 
The magazine is made of transparent plastic and has a capacity of 28 bbs. 

The rifle allows mounting of a scope on the upper 135 mm RIS rail. 
The external barrel has a twisted design, which reduces the weight and increases the originality of the design. 
A two-point tactical sling can be attached to the ambidextrous QD mounts on the stock and on the handguard.
The stock is designed after the Maple Leaf MLC-S model, made of matte black plastic.
The stock cover is rubberized to increase stability. In addition, it is provided with 2 segments that can be removed to reduce the length of the replica by 2 cm.
The cheek pad is adjustable in height.
The handguard is provided with a rubber protections and under these protections it is provided with MLOK system, which allows customization with compatible accessories.

The model is 2.8 J, the speed is obtained after adjusting the hop-up to the optimal level, with heavy balls.

For easy transport, the rifle comes disassembled, but assembly is easy. The mechanism is in a cardboard box lined with foam. The body comes separately.

The package includes: rifle, magazine, cleaning rod, mounting screws, manual. 

NOTE! Starting from the summer of 2022, the rifles are no longer delivered with transport boxes.

More Information
Product code10451
Manufacturer / BrandNovritsch
Muzzle velocity (m/s 0.20g +/- 10%)160
Muzzle velocity (FPS 0.20g +/- 10%)500
Recommended bbs0.30 - 0.50 g
Energy (J)2.8
Weight (g)2930
MaterialMetal + ABS
Caliber (mm)6.01
Magazine capacity (bb)28
Compatible magazine10457
Operation modeSemi (manual loading)
Inner barrel430 mm
Unique serial numberYes

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