About Oqtagon Airsoft

Oqtagon Airsoft is one of the largest online stores for airsoft replicas, equipment and accessories in Eastern Europe. The Oqtagon Airsoft brand has developed from Airsoft Cluj, which has entered the battlefield in 2010, at the initiative of a team of passionate young people who have turned a hobby into a successful brand.

The mission with which we started is to increase the awareness of this tactical sport and the passionate community around it.

Our vision is to move to the next level both the game and the sport through a wide variety of quality products and prompt, professional service.

Our goal is to become the meeting point of the airsoft passionate community and the promoter of this sport not only in our country but also in Europe.

The values that differentiate us are professionalism, promptness and concern for improving services and counseling, both for those who come into the community for the first time and those who are always up to date with the latest developments in the field.

Once you have accepted the challenge of Oqtagon Airsoft, our dedicated team is at your disposal for everything you may need:

Sales & Support colleagues answer any questions and requests about our products, both by e-mail and by phone, and ensure that the sales and after-sales process is completed successfully.

Marketing colleagues are constantly working to present your new replica models and surprise you with the best promotions.

Warehouse colleagues ensure on a daily basis to that your packaging is shipped and shipped quickly and safely.

The technical staff in service is what differentiates us and makes us proud of the Oqtagon Airsoft brand - over the years we have made a habit of repairing any replica, whether we are talking about a manufacturer's failure or inattention. When possible, we are happy to even offer a repair on the spot - we are so passionate about what we are doing.

We grow our supply each month with new replicas, accessories and tactical equipment that will always exceed your expectations. But the Oqtagon brand has been created as a complete experience: you have the opportunity to be part of a united community of the same passionate people, to participate in even more events along with other airsoft enthusiasts and to actively involve you in making this sport better known.

Our customers are more than that - they are members of a united community: the passion for airsoft and the desire for adventure.

Together we are Oqtagon Airsoft - the same online store dedicated to airsoft passionate.

We'll see you on the battlefield!