HPA Tank 13 CI 3000 PSI G&P

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HPA Tank 13 CI 3000 PSI G&P
HPA Tank 13 CI 3000 PSI G&P with manometer.

Compatible with G&P rifles provided with HPA system.
Standard pressure capacity of 3000 PSI.
Capacity: 220 ml
Tank size: 230mm (H) x 50mm diameter
Tank weight: 465 g
Tank material: metal

The tank is very dangerous, it can cause serious injury if the valve is unscrewed.
Danger of explosion if inappropriate use, refilling, storage or disposal. Do not modify the tank.
Do not use at a higher pressure than recommended.
Do not expose to temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees F).
Tanks exposed to fire or other heat sources must be tested before being refilled.
Valves will only be installed and replaced by qualified personnel.
Do not use caustic cleaners.
Do not cover instructions for use and warning.
Keep it out of the reach of children.
Use only in airsoft or paintball.
The tank must only be filled by qualified personnel.
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