Conversion Kit HPA VSR 90 SDiK Mancraft

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Conversion Kit HPA VSR 90 SDiK Mancraft
Conversion Kit HPA VSR 90 SDiK Mancraft for 90 ° degrees trigger system.

Compatibility: rifles with standard TM system (Marui VSR-10), Well etc. equipped with 90 degree trigger (with upgrade kits installed).

SDiK (Sniper Drop in Kit) is a set of components that allow you to convert and upgrade a spring sniper rifle into a gas-powered rifle. It is an effective method to upgrade.
The entire system has been built from 0, on a simple and effective system, that is more economical, reliable and durable.
Installing this system does not affect the rest of the internal components of the rifle, even if they are standard.
Using an appropriate regulator, the user can obtain a constant stable speed (+/- 3 m / s).
Mancraft regulators allow a velocity adjustment from 0 to maximum (depending on the length of the internal barrel).
Some rifles may require modification of the body/parts.

The package includes: conversion kit, supply hose (about 1.4m).

The kit does not include a regulator. The kit is compatible with HPA 4mm Regulator.
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