CM.122S electric pistol Mosfet Edition Cyma

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CM.122S electric pistol Mosfet Edition Cyma
CM.122S electric pistol Mosfet Edition Cyma is a copy of the SIG Sauer P226 pistol and part of a new edition, provided with mosfet. Its role is to increase the trigger response, ROF and the performance of the pistol.

CM.122S pistol works on a electric propulsion system and shoots semi and full auto.

The exterior design has no changes, but the internal components are different: a 680 mAh integrated LiPo battery, low resistance cables, steel ball bearings and other components made of polymer.
In addition the pistol is equipped with RIS rail under the barrel on which a laser, or a flashlight can be mounted.
For added precision the pistol is provided with adjustable hop up system.
CM.122S pistol is made from a combination of metal and polymer.
Metal elements: slide, magazine, trigger, cock.
The pistol is suitable as a secondary weapon on the playing field due to its weight and speed.

Package includes: pistol, magazine, bb loader, cleaning rod, LiPo 7.4 V 680 mAh battery, user manual, USB charging cable.

Charging the battery is done with the help of the USB cable from the package or a special charger, dedicated for LiPo batteries, using a charging current of maximum 0.7A.
Connect the pistol cable with the charging cable to the charging source.
When charging, the red LED on the USB is ON and the green LED flashes.
After the battery is charged, the red LED is OFF and the green LED is ON continuously.

NOTE! Before using the pistol, charge the battery using the charging cable from the package or a special charger, dedicated for LiPo batteries, using a charging current of maximum 0.7A.
LiPo battery are sensitive to discharge, so do not let the battery discharge completely, it may damage it.
Store the pistol with a charged battery.

Lipo battery storage:

Do not store the pistol near a heat source, it may cause damage or even explosion.
Do not pierce the battery.
Store the battery in dry spaces, away from moisture.
Do not remove the battery from the pistol.
Do not leave the battery to charge without supervision.
More Information
Product code7888
Manufacturer / BrandCYMA
Muzzle velocity (m/s 0.20g +/- 10%)65
Muzzle velocity (FPS 0.20g +/- 10%)210
Recommended bbs0.20 - 0.25 g
Energy (J)0.42
Weight (g)865
MosfetYes, unprogrammable
MaterialMetal + ABS
Caliber (mm)6.08
Magazine capacity (bb)30
Compatible magazine2807
Lenght220 mm
Operation modeSemi & Full Auto
Battery shapeSpecial
Unique serial numberNo
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