Battery Li-Po 7.4V / 2200mAh 20C IPower

Battery Li-Po 7.4V / 2200mAh 20C IPower 6 5 5 1
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Battery Li-Po 7.4V / 2200mAh 20C Ipower
Battery Li-Po 7.4V / 2200mAh 20C IPower

Maximum discharge intensity: 44 A
Plug: small
Weight: 95 g
Dimensions: 105 mm x 20 mm x 10 mm
Capacity: 2200 mAh
Voltage: 7.4 V


* Use ONLY chargers compatible with lithium batteries.
* Charge using the balancer option. It is preferable to use this option at least every 5 charging cycles.
* DO NOT leave the battery without supervision when it is charging.
* DO NOT use broken batteries.
* Avoid prolonged charging, it can cause battery damage.
* Do not use the batteries as soon as you notice something wrong.(eg leakage, color change, deformation or swelling).
* To avoid the probability of electric shock first unplug the charger.

During usage of LiPo batteries, remember the following:

* DO NOT exceed the maximum discharge power. For example, a battery with a 2100 mAh capacity and 15C means that the maximum discharge power can take the value of: 15x2100 mAh = 31500 mAh = 31,5A.
* DO NOT discharge the batteries below 3 volts per cell. Under 3 volts chemical reactions start, and the cells lose their capacity to store or charge.
* To avoid an excessive cells discharging is advisable to use a LiPo alarm. When the limit voltage level per cell will be reached, the LiPo alarm will sound a warning tone.

When storage LiPo batteries remember to:
* Store them partially charged.
* Avoid leaving discharged battery. It can cause battery damage.
* Optimal temperature during storage is 12 Celsius degrees.
* Disconnect battery after each usage.
WARNING! Disconnect batteries when storing the electric rifles! The airsoft rifles that have mosfets mounted, will discharge the battery under the minimum voltage of 3V / cell causing battery damage.

NOTE! Batteries are covered only by the original functioning warranty.
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Product code5832
Acumulator typeLi-Po
Manufacturer / BrandIPower

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