Makarov GBB gas pistol WE Brown Grip with silencer

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Makarov GBB gas pistol WE Brown Grip with silencer
Makarov GBB gas pistol WE Brown Grip with silencer is a copy of the renowned 9x18mm Makarov pistol. WE company made it with great attention to details.

The weight, design and performance of the pistol are perfect features for collectors and also the most demanding airsoft players.
The pistol is made entirely of metal, except for the tactical grip on the handle which are made of brown polymer.
The dual tone, black / brown finish contributes to the metallic design of the pistol.
The compact, ergonomic design makes it easy to handle.
The slide release button and the safety are located on the left side of the pistol.
The mag release button is located at the bottom of the handle.
There is also a mount for a safety cable.
The pistol works on Green Gas and is provided with blow back system, which contributes to its realism.
In addition, it is equipped with a "double action" trigger.

The package includes a threaded inner barrel extension and a silencer.
These accessories contributes to the design, but more than that, it contributes to the accuracy and speed of the pistol.
The speed increases from 85 m/s to 120 m/s after mounting the inner barrel and the silencer.
The slide remains back after the last bbs.
For added precision, the manufacturers also added an adjustable hop-up system, which can be adjusted after removing the slide.

The package includes: pistol, magazine, silencer, user manual.
More Information
Product code7522
Manufacturer / BrandWE
Muzzle velocity (m/s 0.20g +/- 10%)120
Muzzle velocity (FPS 0.20g +/- 10%)390
Recommended bbs0.25-0.30 g
Energy (J)1.4
Weight (g)630
PropulsionGreen Gas
MaterialFull Metal
Caliber (mm)6.08
Magazine capacity (bb)16
Compatible magazine7595
Lenght160 / 270 mm
Operation modeSemi-Automatic
Unique serial numberNo
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