Assault rifle Trident Mk2 PDW Krytac

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Assault rifle Trident Mk2 PDW Krytac
Assault rifle Trident Mk2 PDW Krytac is an innovative model, designed to excel at long and medium distances. KRYTAC's professional team excels and constantly innovates in the airsoft business.The team has one goal, to deliver rifles that meet all the requirements of professional airsoft players.

The Krytac rifle has an electric system equipped with v2 custom gearbox, 8mm ball bearings, integrated FET mosfet system, 30k Neodymium Magnet High-Torque motor, Rotary hop-up chamber with 15 positions, hop-up bucking resistant to different temperatures and wear, anticorrosion coating of the gearbox shell, metal piston with 4 metal teeth.
The gearbox shell is fitted with a small hole on the left side for easy lubrication of the gears.
An advantage of the rifle is the modular spring guide system that allows the user to change the spring without completely dismounting the gearbox.

The PDW is the shortest model in the series, with a 155 mm internal barrel. Its size and speed it suitable for airsoft games at small distances and inside buildings.

The rifle is made mostly of aluminum alloy in combination with ABS, which offers both the full metal design and the necessary mobility on the playground.
ABS: grip, stock, hop-up chamber.
Metal: magazine, body, RIS rail, trigger, trigger guard, selector, internal / external barrel, sling mount.

The handguard is licensed DEFIANCE and is KeyMod type, allowing the user to mount accessories and mounts that are compatible with this system.
The grip of the rifle is licensed DEFIANCE. The body of the rifle is engraved with Krytac and Trident logo.
The fire selector is ambidextrous.
The magazine release button is on the right side of the rifle.
The ergonomic trigger is licensed by CMC.
The SP type battery is mounted in the buffer tube, it must have a maximum size of 90 mm/30 mm /20 mm. 7.4 V LiPo and 9.6 V NiMh batteries are recommended, because the electric circuit is protected by a small, simple and integrated mosfet.

The top RIS rail has a length of 280 mm and provides the user with the space needed to mount optical sights or other optical devices.
A sling mount is present on the left side of the buffer tube.
The stock is adjustable in length, with a single position.
The cover of the stock is slightly rubberized.
Hop-up system is placed on the right side of the rifle: by moving the charging lever, the side window opens and the hop-up can be adjusted. The rifle has a rotary type chamber.
Allows the mounting of a 14 mm CCW silencer.

The package includes: rifle, hi-cap magazine, front / rear sights, cleaning rod, RIS segment, user manual.

NOTE! The package does not include battery and charger, this must be purchased separately!
More Information
Product code6422
Manufacturer / BrandKrytac
Muzzle velocity (m/s 0.20g +/- 10%)105
Muzzle velocity (FPS 0.20g +/- 10%)340
Speed adjustmentQuick spring change gearbox
Recommended bbs0.20 - 0.25 g
Weight (g)2700
MosfetYes, unprogrammable
MaterialMetal + ABS
Caliber (mm)6.05
Magazine capacity (bb)350
Lenght527 mm/ 610 mm
Operation modeSemi & Full Auto
Inner barrel155 mm
Battery typeSP

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