Assault rifle MK3 Phantom Extremis APS

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Assault rifle MK3 Phantom Extremis APS
Assault rifle MK3 Phantom Extremis APS is a model that transforms the classic design into an ergonomic M4 rifle, slighty customized unlike the patterns used on the airsoft field.

The rifle works based on an electric propulsion system, is provided with Silver Edge Gearbox, steel gears, 8 mm bearings, low resistance cables, metal casing motor, steel inner barrel.
In addition it is provided with EBB (Electric Blow Back system) an system that imitates recoil through vibrations and the movement of the "ejection shell window" (from which the hop-up is adjusted), an option that makes APS rifles more special, compared to classic rifles.

Quick Change Spring System
The Phantom Extremis series is equipped with Quick Change Spring System, an option that gives an advantage, the users can change the spring faster without having to disassemble the gearbox. Thus the buffer tube is dismantled and the spring guide is extracted with the spring.

The rifle is made mostly of light metal and polymer.
The materials from which the rifle is made of, makes it resistant, but easy to handle, the body is made at CNC machines.
Metal: internal / external barrel, body, RIS rail, flash hider, sights, trigger, trigger guard, gearbox, internal components.
Polymer: stock, grip, magazine.

The design of the rifle is special, the receiver is carved so you can see the magazine through it.

The handguard is modular type, compatible with M-LOK system developed by Magpul Industries, and allows the installation of tactical accessories compatible with M-LOK system.
An upper RIS rail of approx. 500 mm long allows mounting of optical devices. The package includes 2 RIS segments that can be mounted on the handguard.
The grip is provided with a non-slip system that increases stability and comfort. It has a design that absorbs the vibrations of the motor.
It is also equipped with ambidextrous custom fire selector, ambidextrous mag release button and charging lever.

The trigger has an ergonomic design with quick-response and flip-up sights.
The RS-2 stock is adjustable in length, the butt cover is slightly rubberized and adds extra comfort by reducing the recoil effect.

The battery is mounted in the stock, the rifle is compatible with LL type LiPo 7.4 V or NiMh batteries that have a maximum size of 11 x 2 x 2 cm.

The package includes a 300 bbs hi-cap magazine. The rifle is compatible with CYMA, ASG, Specna magazines.
A QD sling mount allows the user to attach a tactical sling in one point.
The flash hider can be replaced with a 14 mm CCW silencer.

Package includes: rifle, magazine, cleaning rod, 2 RIS M-LOK rails.

WARNING! Does not include battery and charger, it must be purchased separately! See our recommendations.
More Information
Product code6277
Manufacturer / BrandAPS
Muzzle velocity (m/s 0.20g +/- 10%)130
Muzzle velocity (FPS 0.20g +/- 10%)430
Speed adjustmentQuick spring change (buffer tube/stock)
Recommended bbs0.20 - 0.25g
Energy (J)1.67
Weight (g)2700 g
MaterialMetal + ABS
Caliber (mm)6.04
Magazine capacity (bb)300
Lenght885/970 mm
Operation modeSemi & Full Auto
Inner barrel460 mm
Battery typeLL
Unique serial numberUnspecified

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