Grenade Launcher M9A1 Bazooka replica

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Grenade Launcher M9A1 Bazooka replica
Grenade Launcher M9A1 Bazooka replica is a copy of the classic grenade launcher used by the US in World War II. "Bazooka" actually refers to any portable and non-recoil launcher.
Over time there have been a number of versions of this launcher, with different size, weight, manufacturer, number of operators required, power, radius, etc.
The number of users is large and widespread throughout the world, the launcher was used in a lot of major conflicts, from its production year 1942 to the present day.

The grenade launcher is made of 2 segments of 775 mm each that can be easily and quickly connected in a 1550 mm long launcher.
It is made entirely of metal except the handle and optical device, which gives it authenticity.
Works with standard 40mm airsoft grenades loaded with Green Gas.

The package includes: grenade launcher, grenade and user manual.
More Information
Product code5662
Manufacturer / BrandPPS Airsoft
Weight (g)5500 g
PropulsionGreen Gas
MaterialFull Metal
Lenght1550 mm
Operation modeSemi (manual loading)

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