Assault rifle SA-B03 SAEC Specna Arms

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Assault rifle SA-B03 SAEC Specna Arms
Assault rifle SA-B03 SAEC Specna Arms represents the M4 assault rifle, one of the most popular weapons used on the modern battlefield.

The rifle is equipped with a SAEC system, a fast Spring change system without the need to open the gearbox (through buffer tube). This way the power of the rifle can be modified much faster, unlike the classic versions.
Thus, the spring is removed through the buffer tube unlike the Enter & Convert system where the gearbox must be removed from the rifle just for changing the spring. This system allows the rifle to be adapted to various speed limits applied in airsoft games.

The airsoft assault rifle is made mostly of zinc and aluminum alloy, but pins and other small components are made of steel and the rest of the components are made of polymer.
The receiver of the rifle went through an anodizing process to resist corrosion as best as possible, and also a process of powder coating that provides a much higher resistance of the paint to abrasion.

Polimer: stock, handle.
Metal: magazine, RIS rail, handguard, trigger, trigger guard, flash hider, sights, internal/external barrel.

The performance of this rifle is complemented by a V2 gearbox, reinforced piston head, 8 mm ball bearings, steel gears, polycarbonate piston with a metal tooth set, type 2 cylinder, metal hop-up chamber.

The rifle is compatible with LiPo 7.4 V batteries.
The bolt catch system is functional.

The design and construction of the new SAEC models has elaborated details, the series can be compared with premium brands on the airsoft market.
The weight and the tactical design of the rifles increase maneuverability and offers an advantage on the field.
The handguard is provided with 4 RIS rails of approximately 250 mm, which allow mounting of optical devices and other tactical accessories (flashlight, laser, front handle). The upper RIS rail has a total length of 415 mm.

The SF type stock is adjustable in length, according to the user's preferences. It allows connection of a TP type battery.

The sights are flip-up type, the front one is integrated into the RIS rail.
The flash hider can be replaced with a 14 mm CCW thread silencer.
The sling mount next to buffer tube allows attaching a tactical sling in one or two points.

Package includes: rifle, hi-cap magazine, cleaning rod, user manual, test bbs, M90 spring.

WARNING! The package does not include charger and battery. This must be purchased separately.
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Product code6022
Manufacturer / BrandSpecna Arms
Muzzle velocity (m/s 0.20g +/- 10%)135
Muzzle velocity (FPS 0.20g +/- 10%)440
Speed adjustmentQuick spring change (buffer tube/stock)
Recommended bbs0.20 g – 0.25 g
Energy (J)1.8
Weight (g)2580 g
MaterialFull Metal
Caliber (mm)6.08
Magazine capacity (bb)300
Compatible magazine4784, 4943, 4413,5937,
Lenght840 - 920 mm
Operation modeSemi & Full Auto
Inner barrel350 mm
Battery typeTP
Unique serial numberUnspecified

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