Precision barrel 6.05 mm 300mm Slong Airsoft

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Precision barrel 6.05 mm 300mm Slong Airsoft
Precision barrel 6.05 mm 300mm Slong Airsoft

Weight: 70 g
Length: 300 mm
Diameter: 6.05 mm
Material: brass

The design of the precision barrel increases the firing distance and improves the bbs rotation effect.
Unlike other precision barrel, at the end of this model there is a small hole that helps to achieve the spining effect.

The hole of the nub is slightly enlarged, which leads to a better contact between the bbs and the hop up bucking.

This design allows the bbs to spin when it leaves the hop-up chamber. A swirling air stream is created between the bbs and the wall of the precision barrel. A part of this current flows through the hole at the end of the barrel. This air flow increases the bbs spin effect, advancing the ball ejection process, making it travel longer with better accuracy.

The main body of the precision barrel is made of treated materials, corrosion-resistant and high-toughness alloy in order to achieve shock absorbing effect.
The inner walls are chemically polished, followed by reflective mirror technology treatment.
These processes allows the bbs to pass through the precision barrel with reduced friction force.
The barrel has a nickel plating, which makes it time resistant and corrosion resistant.

The set includes a hop up bucking.

NOTE! When installing the precision barrel and the hop-up bucking, do not use grease, in order to obtain the desired effects.
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