Ballistic Glasses Dragon Fire Anti-Fog G-15 Edge Eyewear

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Ballistic Glasses Dragon Fire Anti-Fog G-15 Edge Eyewear
Ballistic Glasses Dragon Fire Anti-Fog G-15 Edge Eyewear

Weight: 40 g
Lens color / frame: black
Material: TR90 / Nylon
Lens material: polycarbonate

The package includes: goggles, protective cover.

Anti-Fog G-15 lenses are suitable for a wide range of brightness.
Provides 99.9% protection for UVA / UVB / UVC rays.

A recognized brand in the market, Edge Eyewear assumes responsibility for the safety of the users who choose Edge Eyewear products.
Rigorous tests ensure compliance with military standards and resistant products.
Edge Eyewear was the first company to make ANSI polarized safety lenses.

There are two methodologies for producing polarized lenses. The method called "thermoforming" or "heat stamping" has never produced polarized film lenses that are strong or thick enough to withstand the intense impact tests required by ANSI Z87 + and MCEPS standards. Polycarbonate injection molded lenses, pioneered by Edge Eyewear, contain ionized crystals that filter light in a similar way as polarized film, but leave the lenses thick enough to withstand impact according to military standards required by ANSI Z87 + and MCEPS. >
All Edge Eyewear products are tested according to:
* ANSI Z87.1 + 2010
* MCEPS GL-PD 10-12

NOTE! The glasses provide protection against dangerous impact that can be caused by metal particles, wood chips, sparks and construction or recreational activities. Although tested to meet the safety standards listed, they are not indestructible. Protective supplements such as mesh goggles or face masks should be used when large quantities of particles (chips, splinters, etc.) are present in the air.
DO NOT use these goggles to protect yourself from welding, laser, chemicals or activities with high levels of infrared radiation.
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