Mini Launcher X.2 72rds Zoxna

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Mini Launcher X.2 72rds Zoxna
Mini Launcher X.2 72rds Zoxna, made at CNC precision machines.

It has a compact design, light weight and is easy to use.
It is compatible with rifles provided with standard RIS rail, airsoft pistols, but also assault rifles.
Provided with 2 types of trigger, lateral or linear trigger.
Directly out of the box, the launcher comes with a lateral trigger system.
In the package we find a linear trigger ring, this must be pulled back to detonate the launcher. The exchange between the two triggers is done with an allen key.
It works on Green Gas. Feed the gas after you fill it with bbs.
The bbs are filled through the front part, with a bb loader. Make sure all the holes are filled with bbs for more efficiency.

Capacity: 72 bbs
Speed: 55-60 m/s
Dimensions: 95 mm x 28 mm x 30 mm
Material: aluminum alloy

The mini Launcher is packed in a wooden box.
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Manufacturer / BrandZoxna

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