Hop-up Chamber Pro CNC M4 Kublai W/ LED Tracer

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Hop-up Chamber Pro CNC M4 Kublai W/ LED Tracer
Hop-up Chamber Pro CNC M4 Kublai W/ LED Tracer made of aluminum at CNC precision machines.
Weight: 35 g
Material: aluminum

It is professional new product, that provides various innovative solutions such as:
- a system preventing the bb from falling out the chamber after removing the magazine,
- a very precise 10-stage hop-up control system,
- a replaceable spacer arm, which can be adapted to the hop-up rubber
- a system with two illumination diodes.

The hop-up chamber can be connected to the battery through the balancer connector.
Works with LiPo, Li-xxx batteries with values ​​between 7V and 20V.
The illumination system is activated through a small switch.

The chamber is made to ensure perfect tightness and precise adjustment .
For this, the manufactures used 3 springs that push the hop chamber into the gearbox, thus eliminating vibrations.
The set also includes a centering ring for the inner barrel and a set of plugs that allow disassembly the lighting function.

It is compatible with M4 / M16 model versions.

NOTE! It has been designed to be compatible with air nozzles with length between 20.5 - 21mm.
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Manufacturer / BrandKublai
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