Grenade 40 Mike Airsoft Innovations Magnum Shell

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Grenade 40 Mike Airsoft Innovations Magnum Shell
Grenade 40 Mike Airsoft Innovations Magnum Shell is the most powerful grenade in the airsoft market.

Suitable for grenade launchers compatible with 40 mm grenades. The 40 Mike massively outperforms every other bb shower on the market.

The grenade is made using Airsoft Innovation's patented Quantum Drive Technology . This translates into a continuous string of 150 bbs fired in 1/3 seconds with a speed of 75 m/s.

Range: 30 meters
Capacity: 150 bbs
Speed: 75 m/s - 240fps
Diameter: 40 mm
Material: metal
Functionality: Green Gas

The package includes: grenade, patch, user manual, silicone oil for grenade, safety cap.

We recommend reading the manual before using the grenade.
Secure the grenade with the rubber cap from the pack.
Fill the grenade with gas.
Fill the grenade with bbs with the help of a bb loader.

NOTE! DO NOT use Nuprol 3.0 / 4.0 or HPA and CO2.
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