Grenade XL Burst Airsoft Innovations

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Grenade XL Burst Airsoft Innovations
Grenade XL Burst Airsoft Innovations

The grenade is made of aluminum, at CNC machines, which makes it resistant to impact.
Unlike the Cyclone grenade, the XL Burst does not need bbs.
The role of this grenade is to produce a strong 125dBA noise.

Grenade silicone oil should be used regularly to maintain the functionality and durability of the grenade.
Plastic sheet disks provides noise and performance of the grenade.
The grenade works on Green Gas and plastic disks.
The mechanism is sensitive and is triggered by impact.

We recommend that you read the manual before using the grenade.
After use, check the pressure of the grenade by pressing the tip of the valve with a pen. After the gas is released, the grenade can be loaded again.

The package includes: grenade, silicone oil for grenade, user manual, patch, 3 rubber valves for the feeding valve, one set of discs.
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