Gearbox shell V2 with hop-up chamber QSC Retro ARMS

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Gearbox shell V2 with hop-up chamber QSC Retro ARMS
Gearbox shell V2 with integrated hop-up chamber QSC (Quick Spring Change) Retro ARMS (8 mm bearings).
The gearbox is entirely made at high precision CNC machines. Compared to other aluminum gearboxes, Retro ARMS products are made of a solid block of aircraft aluminum (Dural) AW EN7075 T651 to enhance durability and corrosion resistance.

This type of aluminum is used predominantly in the aircraft parts industry, rockets, components such as valves, gears, fuses, but also for bicycle frames and terrain vehicles, because has higher strength (590MPa), than common construction steel (390MPa).

The package includes:
- gearbox
- hop-up chamber
- spring guide
- screws (2x M2,5x3; 5xM3x6 and 5x M3x12)
- vaseline

Gearbox features:
- A round design that enhances compatibility, unlike hexagonal models.
- Enhanced hop-up chamber,
- Integrated bolt for tappet plate,
- More space at the rear side, which solves the problem of piston blocking,
- Compatibility with VFC reinforcement lever,
- Compatibility with any anti-reverse latch,
- ARL Release Window,
- More space for the motor gear,
- Control holes to check the piston position.

Tested components :
- Tested with air nozzle 21.4 mm,
- Tested with M170 spring,
- Tested with G&G Green, PDI, Systema Energy

Retro ARMS company offers a lifetime warranty against breaking/cracking, but this is not valid if the gearboxes are used with inappropriate internal components.
The Retro Arms Gearboxes are 100% compatible with Retro Arms internal components, but also with other manufactures. Using only Retro Arms products you get performance and resistance in time, features for which the company is recognized.

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