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Hop-up bucking Tru-Hop TruSight gen 2
Hop-up bucking Tru-Hop TruSight manufactured by TruSight is made of quality materials to withstand low temperatures and high temperatures (from -50 C to + 230 C) offering the same results.
It is made according to a special design that has the role of providing accuracy and distance.
Accuracy is provided by the concave design of the nub, which aligns the bbs during firing.

Material: silicone
Made in the USA.

The package includes: bucking and concave nub.

NOTE! Depending on the barrel, it may be necessary to modify it (according to the dimensions shown in the image) and also the lever arm that presses on the concave nub stabilizer.

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Product code6188
Manufacturer / BrandTruSight

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