Assault rifle CM.098 E-EDITION Cyma

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Assault rifle CM.098 E-EDITION Cyma
Assault rifle CM.098 E-EDITION Cyma is part of a new series, made of metal alloys, completed with reinforced internal components, to meet the demands of airsoft enthusiasts.
CM.098 model is a long version with multiple customization possibilities suitable for those who play the role of sniper.
The CM.098 series is created with an E-EDITION configuration, characterized by constant speed, compatibility with LiPo batteries, faster trigger response.

To achieve these results, the series was designed with:
- V2 reinforced long gearbox with Quick Spring Change System
- processor unit with built-in MOSFET system
- polycarbonate piston with full metal teeth
- ball bearings 8 mm
- steel gears made at CNC
- spring guide with ball bearing
- Rotary hop up chamber
- High-Torque motor
- aluminum silent cylinder and piston head made at CNC (piston head with bearing and cylinder head with double o-ring)

For added precision, the rifle is provided with a 6.03 mm inner barrel.
To change the spring, remove the stock and buffer tube and then unscrew the spring guide, along with the spring.

The rifle is equipped with a functional bolt catch, the window remains in the back in order to adjust the hop up system.

The rifle is made of aluminum alloys that provides a small weight making it easy to handle on the playing field. The materials also enhance its realism.
Metal: body, handguard, magazine, RIS rail, sights, fire selector, internal components, sling mounts, trigger, silencer.
Polymer: stock, grip.

The upper RIS rail has a length of 480 mm, enough space for optical accessories like: red dot, scope.
The handguard is RIS type and allows the installation of compatible accessories on 4 RIS segments of 285 mm.
The sights are flip up type and can be removed. The front sight integrates into the RIS rail.

The fire selector is present on both sides of the rifle.
The stock is fixed and allows connection of TP/SP-type batteries due to the generous space.
In total it is provided with 3 points for attaching a tactical sling on the stock. 2 of them are for QD button mounts.
The grip is pistol type.
The assault rifle is compatible with LiPo batteries, the connection of the battery is in the stock.
The package includes a metal hi-cap 500-bbs magazine.

The rifle is equipped with a silencer mounted on a special QD mount.

The package includes: rifle, magazine, charger, TP type 9.6 V 1200 mAh battery, cleaning rod, test bbs, allen key.

We do not recommend the use of 11.1 V LiPo batteries. This may damage the rifle.
More Information
Product code7611
Manufacturer / BrandCYMA
Muzzle velocity (m/s 0.20g +/- 10%)150
Muzzle velocity (FPS 0.20g +/- 10%)490
Speed adjustmentQuick spring change (buffer tube/stock)
Recommended bbs0.25-0.30 g
Energy (J)2.25
Weight (g)3400
MosfetYes, unprogrammable
MaterialFull Metal
Caliber (mm)6.03
Magazine capacity (bb)500
Compatible magazine7815
Lenght1070 mm
Operation modeSemi & Full Auto
Inner barrel500 mm
Battery typeSP / TP
Unique serial numberUnspecified
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