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Assault rifle CM16 ARP 9 G&G is part of the "Combat Machine" project, which aims to provide airsoft fans with good quality rifles at an economical price.
CM models are known for attention to details, performance, reliability and quality.

The assault rifle construction is based largely on polymer and metal components (zinc and aluminum alloy).
The price economy is given by the use of glass fiber instead of metal.
The weight and compact design gives the user better handling on the playing field and control over the rifle.

Metal: stock rod, handguard, internal components, sights, trigger.
Polymer: stock, handle, body, magazine, flash hider, RIS rail.

At first glance the rifle resembles to a short version of the classic AR-15 / M4, but the only similarities are just the gearbox V2 and the handle.
ARP9 G&G is made after the compact PDW model.

In terms of internal components, the rifle is equipped with a 8 mm V2 gearbox and an innovative Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU). This system works as a MOSFET that programs the shooting mode, increases the trigger response , while also providing a secure electrical circuit.

The ETU system allows the user to program the firing mode, SAFE - SEMI - FULL AUTO - BURST of 3 bbs.
Programming the rifle on BURST it is an easy process, the user must select the SEMI mode and keep the trigger pressed for 10 seconds. (details and recommendations in the user manual)

The stock is adjustable in length.
The handguard is M-LOCK type, it allows attachment of accessories compatible with this system.
The battery will be connected in the stock, it must fit in the following dimensions: 100/20/10 mm. The battery we tested is thin TP type.
The handle and the trigger have a custom design.
The sights are flip-up and can be removed and replaced.
The upper RIS rail has a length of about 280 mm and allows mounting of optical accessories.
The Crown type flash hider can be removed and replaced with a silencer, that has a 35 mm maximum diameter and a 14 mm CCW thread. In the package we find a 300 bbs hi-cap magazine.

The package includes: rifle, magazine, user manual, cleaning rod.

NOTE! Does not include battery and charger, they must be purchased separately. See our recommendations.
More Information
Product code 7231
Platform M4/M16
Manufacturer / Brand G&G
Muzzle velocity (m/s 0.20g +/- 10%) 100
Muzzle velocity (FPS 0.20g +/- 10%) 330
Recommended bbs 0.20 - 0.25
Energy (J) 1
Weight (g) 2400
Hop-Up Adjustable
Propulsion Electric
Blow-back No
Material Metal + ABS
Magazine capacity (bb) 300
Compatible magazine 7232, 7371
Lenght 490 / 590 mm
Operation mode Semi & Full Auto
Inner barrel 128 mm
Battery type LL
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