We celebrate 12 years of airsoft!

This September we prepared you many DISCOUNTS and a Raffle with 12 PRIZES!
At a minimum order of 100 lei, you can win one of the 12 airsoft pistols!

1. Piranha SL gas GBB pistol G&G code: 9236

2. GTP9 MS gas GBB pistol G&G code: 9238
3. GTP9 Piranha TR gas GBB pistol G&G code: 8738
4. Taurus PT 92 CO2 NBB pistol code: 4803

Campaign Regulations

1. Organizer

a) The organizer is Oqtagon Airsoft S.R.L., registered in Cluj-Napoca, Str. Aurel Vlaicu, no. 38, bl. V8, sc. 2, ap. 36; store address str. Campina no. 62A Cluj Napoca, Cluj, Romania.

b) The Official regulation are made public according to the applicable law in Romania. The Organizer has the right to modify or change the Official Regulations, without any prior notification.

c) Terms and conditions of this Regulation, as presented below, are mandatory for all participants in the campaign.

2. Duration and territory

The campaign will run between 1 September 2022 – 30 September 2022 throughout Romania and UE, on www.oqtagon.com.
Only orders placed on our website www.oqtagon.com and invoiced from September 1, 2022 till September 30, 2022 will participate in the campaign. Any order made during this period, but not invoiced for any reason, will not participate in the campaign.

3. Who has the right to participate in this Campaign

a) Any legal person who fulfills the following conditions:

- is a Romanian or a UE citizen,

- is 18 years old,

- orders from www.oqtagon.com of at least 100 lei.

b) If all these conditions are met, the client automatically becomes a Participant in this Campaign.

c) If one of the customers does not wish to become a Participant, he must send us an e-mail where he writes his refuzal to participate in the Campaign.

d) The employees of Oqtagon Airsoft S.R.L are not allowed to participate in this Campaign.

4. How it works

a) The order value must be minimum 100 lei. The client must order between 1 September 2022- 30 September 2022 from our website www.oqtagon.com and the order must be invoiced and shipped until 30 September 2022.

b) Products purchased from our store only with a receipt, without registering the order on our site, do NOT participate in the Campaign.

c) The chances of winning increase with every 100 lei order, as follows:

- For each 100 lei order = 1 entry (1 chance)

- For each order that exceeds 200 lei = 2 entries (2 chances)

Any participant can have multiple chances of winning, depending on the orders value. (300 lei - 3 chances)

c) The winners will be extracted between 3-7 october 2022 through website www.tragerilasorti.ro. 12 winners will be extracted and 3 reserves.

d) The 3 reserves will be designated winners if the first extracted winners can not be contacted in 48 hours (by telephone or by mail).


5. Prizes

a) Prizes are given in the exact order in which they were drawn:

1. Piranha SL gas GBB pistol G&G code: 9236
2. GTP9 MS gas GBB pistol G&G code: 9238
3. GTP9 Piranha TR gas GBB pistol G&G code: 8738
4. Taurus PT 92 CO2 NBB pistol code: 4803

b) We do not offer money instead of the prizes.


6. Announcing winners

a) The winners list will be displayed between 3-7 october 2022 on the Campaign Regulations official page and on official Facebook page.

b) Winners will be announced by telephone/email, within maximum 48 hours from the extraction.


7. Final decisions

a) The participants in this Campaign agree to respect and comply with all the terms and conditions of this Regulation.

b) Any violation of the Campaign Regulation will lead to automatic cancellation of the prizes.

c) Personal data will not be made public or used for advertising purposes.

d) The Organizer reserves the right to change the dates and duration of the Campaign and will make it public through this Regulation and without any prior notification.