Hop-up Chamber M249 Gen 2 AirsoftPro

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Hop-up Chamber M249 and air nozzle AirsoftPro
Hop-up Chamber M249 Gen 2 AirsoftPro is part of Generation 2, the newest model on the market.
What is different about this generation is the hop-up system adjustment ring, provided with numbers, which shows the minimum level -1 and maximum level -10.
These levels are secured in their position through a flexible ball, which provides each turn with a click.
This system can be replaced with the o-ring from the package, making the adjustment more rigid.
Another improvement of this new generation is the "U" shaped adapter, which presses the Hop-Up nub horizontally, not with a perpendicular roller as in the original chamber.

It is made from a single piece of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, a lightweight, but durable material.

Hop-up Chamber M249 Gen 2 AirsoftPro is compatible with M249 series manufactured by A&K, PJ, Classic Army, Echo1, Matrix.

Made at CNC precizion machine.
Offers better sealing.
Anodized surface that increases corrosion resistance.
Metal adjusting ring with stops in limit positions.
Laser-marked numbers for a quick overview of the hop-up adjustment.
Shaped adapter for conventional Hop-Up nub.

Package includes:
- Hop up Chamber with adjusting ring
- Brass barrel centering ring
- U-shaped Hop-Up nub adaptor
- Spring and ball (for locking the ring in individual positions)
- Rubber ring
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