Hop-up Chamber M24 GEN.3 AirsoftPro

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Hop-up Chamber M24 GEN.3 AirsoftPro
Hop-up Chamber M24 GEN.3 AirsoftPro is part of generation 3, the newest generation on the market.

The benefits of GEN 3 are: easy adjustment, no need for allen key, better sealing, quick installation and the ability to chose between original barrels and buckings and AEG ones.

Made from 6061- T6 aluminum alloy (Dural) on CNC precision machines.
Suitable for AEG precision barrels with optimum length of 487 mm.
The hop-up lever is also produced on CNC machines and is equipped with a return spring for a more reliable function.
The hop-up lever has a longer groove and allows longer movement of the plastic adjustment rod.
There are two rubber stops between the chamber and the cylinder head that absorbs shocks, reduce barrel vibrations and improve shooting accuracy.
The manufacturer recommends a harder Hop-Up bucking due to the higher performance of sniper rifles. (silicone aren't suitable).
The chamber is compatible with Snow Wolf and CYMA original Hop-Up plastic rods. No modifications are required. There's a thread at the top of the chamber for adding the TDC.

Compatible with original barrels and buckings, but with the adapter from the package, it is also compatible with AEG barrels and buckings:
Snow Wolf (SW04) M24
M24 Cyma CM.702

Package includes:
- CNC Hop-Up chamber
- Rubber AEG Adaptor
- Centering ring
- Return spring for hop-up lever
- Screw with O-ring (replaceable for grub screw for better tightening the original hop-up rod)
- Two rubber profiles 3mm for original bucking and 3,3mm for AEG bucking (under the lever, user has to cut small piece based on his needs to reach proper HopUp effect).
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