CO2 Capsule with silicone ASG

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CO2 Capsule with silicone ASG
CO2 Capsule with silicone ASG

The price is per piece.

Helps to lubricate internal seals without disassemble the pistol.
Each capsule contains 0.8 g of silicone oil that cleans and lubricates the valves/seals when the user shoots with the pistol. At the same time a layer of oil is applied on the moving parts.
This means longer life, consistent accuracy and less friction.
Proven performance at low temperatures.
It is recommended to use a silicone capsule after every 10 capsules.

How to use:
Empty the magazine.
Insert the capsule into the magazine/ pistol.
Shoot until the capsule is emplty.
After using the maintenance capsule it is recommended to clean the inner barrel.

Gas Type: CO2
Volume: 12g

- The capsule can not be refilled!
- Pressurized gas - Do not expose it to heat or sunlight!
- Use it only outside or in well-ventilated areas. Do not inhale the gas!
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