Assault rifle Ronin TK.45C AEG 2.5 KWA

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Assault rifle Ronin TK.45C AEG 2.5 KWA
Assault rifle Ronin TK.45C AEG 2.5 KWA is part of a new, innovative series, also known as "Tekken" made by KWA.
The TK.45C AEG 2.5 KWA is a short model, suitable for CQB games.

It is a new model on the market, in terms of design, performance and evolution, so we will try to describe it as best as possible.
The handguard is KeyMod type, provided with an integrated lower RIS segment.
The two 50 mm RIS segments from the package can be mounted on the handguard according to the user's needs.
The upper RIS rail has a total length of 345 mm and allows mounting of optical devices.
The sights are flip up type, and can be removed and replaced.
The shooting selector, mag release button and charging lever are ambidextrous.
The flash hider has a custom design.
A tactical sling can be connected on the ambidextrous mount between the receiver and the stock.
The PDW type stock is adjustable in length.
An LL-type battery can be mounted in the stock, more precisely in the buffer tube. A battery with a maximum size of 100/20/15 mm is required.

The design of the rifle is completed by a slightly oversized polymer magazine, which has the same textured pattern as the grip.
The magwell also contributes to the design, but it is also like an oversized angle foregrip for maximum weapon retention and manipulation.
The trigger guard is enlarged for those who use gloves.

The rifle is made of quality materials that ensure durability and balance.
For example, PTS Enhanced Polymer, a Dupont Zytel High Performance material, was used for many elements.
Metal: handguard, upper body, fire selector, sling mount, internal components, trigger, stock rod.
Polymer: magazine, lower body, grip, buffer tube, stock cover, sights.

The rifle is provided with VPS (Variable Performance System), a speed adjustment system, just by using a special tool from the package. Each spin adjusts the speed by aprox 8 m/s.
The minimum or maximum speed depends on the spring mounted on the rifle.
The adjustment is done through the buffer tube / stock, after removing the stock and the stock retainer and screw, inside the buffer tube.
To increase speed, turn CW (clockwise), to decrease speed, turn CCW (clockwise)
It is not necessary to remove the gearbox and disassemble it to adjust the speed.
At this point you can also change the spring, after removing the VSP system.

Other internal components of the rifle are: reinforced gearbox, High Torque gears, High Torque motor, Rotary type hop up chamber, Switch Life Extender to prevent contact burnout.
Switch Life Extender is an option found on 2.5 and 3 model.
The SLE will extend the life of your trigger contacts by almost 500% by absorbing 99.9% of the back current/power surge that cause their shuttle contacts to burn out.

Moreover, KWA designed the rifle to be upgraded with a drop in mosfet such as GATE Titan.
For added precision, the rifle is provided with a 6.05 mm internal barrel.

The package includes: rifle, magazine, 2 RIS segments, user manual, speed adjustment key.

The package does not include battery and charger, it must be purchased separately. The rifle does not work with batteries greater then 7.4 V. For more details contact us.
More Information
Product code7845
Manufacturer / BrandKWA
Muzzle velocity (m/s 0.20g +/- 10%)105
Muzzle velocity (FPS 0.20g +/- 10%)350
Speed adjustmentFine tuning
Recommended bbs0.20 - 0.25 g
Energy (J)1.1
Weight (g)2670
MaterialFull Metal
Caliber (mm)6.05
Magazine capacity (bb)120
Compatible magazine7842, 7843
Lenght548 - 671 mm
Operation modeSemi & Full Auto
Inner barrel217 mm
Battery typeLL
Unique serial numberUnspecified
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