Assault rifle AK CA18M Classic Army

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Assault rifle AK CA18M Classic Army
Assault rifle AK CA18M Classic Army is a copy of the classic AKS 74U model, slightly modified for airsoft enthusiasts. The rifle is part of the KREBS CUSTOM licensed series.
It is suitable for short and medium distance games, due to its compact design.

In terms of internal components, the rifle is provided with metal reinforced gearbox V3, reinforced plastic piston, 9 mm bushes, High Torque short motor.
In addition it is provided with a Quick Spring Change System, the spring can be changed after removing the gearbox from the rifle.
In terms of external components, the rifle is made almost entirely of metal, with the exception of the handle and the magazine which are made of polymer.
Elements such as the upper cover, sights, stock, trigger guard, body are made of heavy metals.
These components, however, offer a balanced weight, easy to handle by those who want real replicas.
The stock has a cut design and is foldable laterally. The handle is ergonomic and offers a good grip.
The handguard is RIS type, with segments of 95 mm and 125 mm, suitable for tactical and optical accessories.
The Krinkov flash hider is mounted on a 24 mm CW thread. A special adapter is needed to mount other type of accessory.
The sights are adjustable. A sling mount is present on the stock.
The LL type battery is mounted under the top cover, the space is quite narrow, therefore a very thin battery is needed.
The package includes a 500-bbs plastic hi-cap magazine with a "Waffle" design.

The package includes: rifle, magazine, cleaning rod, user manual, transport bag.

The package does not include battery and charger, these must be purchased separately!
More Information
Product code7951
Manufacturer / BrandClassic Army
Muzzle velocity (m/s 0.20g +/- 10%)120
Muzzle velocity (FPS 0.20g +/- 10%)395
Speed adjustmentQuick spring change gearbox
Recommended bbs0.20 g - 0.25 g
Energy (J)1.44
Weight (g)3000
MaterialFull Metal
Caliber (mm)6.08
Magazine capacity (bb)500
Lenght504/738 mm
Operation modeSemi & Full Auto
Inner barrel250 mm
Battery typeLL
Unique serial numberYes

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